Visual identity, design of method material, illustrations, and website for Save the Children Youth Foundation Sweden's project Fathima. Fathima are conversation groups for girls and non-binary people with experience of fleeing who are between 12–18 years old and live in Skåne, Sweden.

The method material is used by Fathima leaders and guides them through different topics and exercises. During the meetups, important issues and themes such as children's rights, anti-racism, feminism, sex, self-esteem, health, love, social media and activism are addressed and the participants can share experiences, do crafts, have coffee, do various activities and meet new friends. The binder format allows content to be replaced and added over time as the material is tested and evaluated.

An important part of the design process was to involve participants in Fathima through a workshop, to collect thoughts, opinions and inspiration, which then played a big role in design choices. It was also key to take into account that the material should be able to be translated into different languages – which led us to Noto as the choice of font, supporting more than 1000 languages and over 150 writing systems.

Client: Rädda Barnens Ungdomsförbund (Save the Children Sweden Youth Foundation)
Art Direction: Lina Forsgren
Graphic Design & illustration: Lina Forsgren & Hilda Tenow Benulic
Graphic Design Assistance: Wasim Harwill
Printhouse: PrintografeN