Ingen ängel

(No Angel)

Design of main title, title cards and end credits for the TV Mini Series Ingen ängel (No Angel), released on Viaplay May 2023.

Storyline: Angelina (17) is a popular, cocky and good-looking teenager who passes school with straight A's. In other words, she seems to navigate teenage and small-town life without much friction. If it weren't for one... minor problem: that for as long as she can remember, Angelina has had to hold back a growling hunger inside.

Created by: EliSophie Andrée
Manuscript: EliSophie Andrée & Isabelle Moreno
Director: Tuna Özer
Producer: Hawa Sanneh
DoP: Andrés Rignell
Gaffer: Christine Leuhusen
Sound: Eduardo Rodriguez, Sophie Andersson
Costume: Hanna Westerling
Scenography: Moa Marklund
Make-up: Alexandra Södergren
Editor: Philip Bergström
Composer: Javad Safari
Title Design: Lina Forsgren
Post House: Nordic United
Production Company: Viaplay Studios

Typefaces in use: Husky Stash by Raymond Larabie/Typodermic Fonts & Compagnon from Velvetyne Foundry (Juliette Duhé, Léa Pradine, Valentin Papon, Chloé Lozano & Sébastien Roller)