Teaser film for the launch of the new sweden based culture association Podium. Podium exists to inspire teens and young adults identifying them selves as women or non-binaries, to take place with their creative expressions – from the first step starting experimenting towards seeing it as a possible life- and career choice.

Director & Art Director: Lina Forsgren
Concept & Script: Bim Eriksson
Producer: Lina Forsgren
DoP: Karin Stenwall
Focus Puller: Ofelia Deist Rolo
Gaffer: Samantha Wikmark
Scenographer & Set Designer: Lina Forsgren Make-up artist & Stylist: Alice Lönnblad
Editor: Lina Forsgren
Colorist: Nina Boriri / Focus Film
Music by: Amber Watts
Mastering Engineer: Melisha Linnell
Titles by: Lina Forsgren
Commissioned by: Podium

Cast: Anna Ingler, Ana Londono, Hawa Sanneh, Senait Tesfai, Wendy Frances.

Special thanks to: Ljud & Bildmedia, Studio Lundberg, HUMANA Second Hand, Amanda Nilsson, Jennifer Törmä.