Tomrummets potential /
The Potential of the Void


Folded A1 poster for the site specific sound installation Tomrummets potential (Potential of the Void) by artist Åsa Cederqvist, as a meeting with- and activation of the already existing public artwork Bergskatedral by Stina Ekman.

The sound installation was located in Vinterviken, Stockholm, Sweden, 12–13 september 2020, and was installed between two of Alfred Nobel’s blasting pits across the bay from Bergskatedral.

In the 19th century Alfred Nobel’s dynamite factory and test operation was situated in Vinterviken, and during the century huge explosions occured where workers were killed. Due to the accidents at the factory, blasting pits were built where the various steps in the dynamite production were divided. Some of these blasting pits were also built into the mountain and are still left and legally protected today.

The installation touches on the historical events in Vinterviken, which made the 19th century news papers and articles about the accidents important references when designing the publication, that was distributed on the site. 

3D renderings and doodles from Åsa Cederqvist’s process.
Commissioned by Stockholm Konst.
Project Manager: Päivi Ernkvist
Text Editor: Joanna Persman
Printing house: Billes Tryckeri